Gabriela Gonzalez

Web Developer

HTML5 / CSS3 / javaScript / WordPress / Illustrator / Photoshop / Flash / After Effects / ES / EN / SV

Constantly driven by my passion: technology, I started as a graphic designer, became a web developer and now I aim to be a full stack developer. As a graphic designer I developed my ability to grasp the client's needs and consider practical solutions. I developed my creative thinking. I also learned the importance of communications skills. Prior to my studies on visual communication, I spent two years studying computer engineering. There I learned the principles and foundations of programming, what a data base is, etc. After programming so many "Hello World!" exercises, programming logic became my way of thinking. This knowledge later eased the transition from graphic designer to web developer. As a web developer, the first thing I learned is that there must be a balance between the visual and the back (code) of a web. Efficiency is simplicity, functionality and lightness. I also had to learn new programming languages: ActionScript (the programming language for Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR runtime environments, which I used in different projects while studying). HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, languages that any web developer should know and master. Either as a graphic designer or as a web developer you learn the importance of thinking about the user experience while you develop the final product. Currently my interest is directed towards front end developing and I'm capable of quickly learning new programming languages.


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Address : Stockholm, Sweeden


With three years of experience in web developing and four in graphic design. High level knowledge of HTML, CSS, javascript, jQuery. Medium or concepts knowledge of php, Apache Cordoba, client-side JS-framework; capable to quickly learn new programming languages. Before starting my studies as visual communicator. I studied two years of Informatics Engineering in the Catholic University were I learn to code in C++. Very skilled in Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Flash, InDesign, Maya. Spoken languages: Spanish: Fluent. English; Very good. Swedish: Beginner/ Student


Web Developer

Happy X / 2016-04 - 2016-05

Happy X is a free app designed to help separated parents. For the project I used WordPress and made little modifications to the theme's source files.

Web Designer

PDS Datorer International AB / 2015-06 - 2016-01

PDS Datorer International AB is an enterprise that provides IT solutions in Stockholm. When some has the need for Graphic or Web Design support I am the solution. For the projects I used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and jQuery.

Web Designer. Web Developer

INVERCARGO C. A. / 2014-05 - 2015-03

INVERCARGO C. A. based on Venezuela is the main alternative of spare parts for heavy transport in general. My job was to design, develop and maintain the company’s website. To develop the project I used Dreamweaver. The languages I used were HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. I also was in charge of online product sales and online product display.

Graphic Designer

INDEXPO / 2012-01 - 2015-03

INDEXPO C. A. is one of the most important Carrier representative in Venezuela. My job was to design all printable material, from presentation cards up to the layout for the Carrier Courses certificates for employees.

Graphic Designer. Art Director

Quimikao Industry Venezuela and Kaoquim Industry Mexico / 2014-01 - 2014-04

Chemical products company based in Venezuela and Mexico. I was in charge of the design, redesign and refreshment of product labels, the design and development of corporate manuals and all printable and multimedia material.

Administrative Assistant

Talleres Alfredos C. A. / 2002-01 - 2015-03

Talleres Alfredos is a car paint workshop located in Caracas, Venezuela. I was the administrative assistant of the office so I am no stranger to math and numbers.